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A Friendly Reminder...

Posted on Saturday, January 31, 2009 | No Comments

A friendly reminder to you all about the security your PC and your website logons - keep 'em safe, keep 'em complex! It's always a pain to type complex passwords, but it's worth it surely?

I logged onto a real-live actual server yesterday - I kid thee not - with the username "Administrator" and the password of "password". And I was told that security sweeps have been done and the server environment is completely "sound". I think not.

I was also invited to take a look at the firewall yesterday, again the rule based was messy and outdated, with rules that the IT Manager couldn't identify and those that were identified were "out of date" and need to come out of the system. This is a firewall designed to plug the holes in the network?!

My next project at work is to map out these firewall rules and understand them - as I'm going to be configuring the new firewall that will replace the existing. I just hope that I can do a much better job of plugging the holes than whomever has been opening ports in the existing one. It takes very little effort to administer a firewall - and the effort on security has got to be worth it right? I certainly think so.

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