> Online Forever.....

Online Forever.....

Posted on Sunday, February 22, 2009 | No Comments

Here's a thought...if our lives are moving more and more towards digital storage and cloud based computing, what happens to all of that data when we die?
A tad morbid I know, but it has had me thinking for most of today. My digital footprint - this website, the Deadly Revelations blog, my online email, my Facebook page, my Twitter account, all left online as a permant reminder that I was here and I existed.
Hot on the heels of Facebook's "we own your data/we don't own your data" problem, who actually owns my data if I die? Even though it'll be locked up and stored behind my username and password, no one else can get to it and I won't be around forever....so who does it belong to and how long is it kept 'online'?
I'd like to think that it'll be there forever and ever and generations way off in the future will stumble across my rambling writings....who knows by then, my ramblings might just provide a gateway into understanding the dilemas of today.

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