> Solving Nightmares….

Solving Nightmares….

Posted on Saturday, February 21, 2009 | No Comments

Watching Gordon “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares” this morning, it suddenly struck me – this guy, who’s on the top of his game goes into some where desperate and struggling along and by using some very simple techniques, he turns the struggling restaurant around to a more successfully and happier place to work for all concerned.


Usually there is a chef or an owner who is unable to open their mind just the tiniest little bit to the possibility of change. Enter Ramsay, who swears at them a bit and gets the team re-organised, throws them a few ideas to turn the place around and re-paints the walls and most importantly installs some much needed communication and team spirit into the place he is turning around.


My question is, why can’t these people see their mistakes and change for themselves and for the benefit of those around them?  It’s because these people don’t want to see things for how they really are.


Whilst I can’t write the ending to this blog I would like, in case certainly people ever read it (and trust me, I’ve wrote a few different versions of it, only to then press and hold the backspace key), I would like to see a “Ramsay” in our office. 


That person might just be me…..in fact, it should have been, only I’ve left it too late to be me now and my mind has already wondered past my current situation.  Ramsay would be ashamed and would insist on turning what he has around – unfortunately I don’t have as many sharp knifes in my job as he does!

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