> Jon Stewart is "da man".....

Jon Stewart is "da man".....

Posted on Saturday, March 21, 2009 | No Comments

In the run up to the US elections and as the worlds attention turned to look at what was going on in the US and the race for the 44th President, I started, and soon became, an avid watched of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”, a mock satirical news show from “Comedy Central’s News Headquarters in New York”.

It’s seems that Jon Stewart isn’t afraid to speak his mind or tackle any of the big issues. He’s taken on the economy (in his running “Clusterf*ck To the Poorhouse” segment), the Presidential race (even securing interviews with Mr and Mrs Obama on separate occasions), a media spat with Jim Cramer and CNBC culminating in Mr Cramer appearing on the show and summarily being torn apart by Mr Stewart (that show even reportedly attracted the attention of the President as well as Stewart’s biggest audience figures ever), Dick Cheney, the ego that is Ricky Gervais (which just has to be seen – it was brilliant), Twitter and so much more.

Despite the show being based firmly on US politics, I’m just simply drawn to it (and have the show on series record on my media centre), due to its blurred lines between actual news and comedic spin and mixture of interviews and special guests that appear in the second half of the show. It seems every time I browse to Digg.com, there’s at least two or three stories or references to Jon Stewart’s latest ‘report’.

Right now, I think “The Daily Show” is up there as one of my favourite shows on TV, and even though I’m struggling to find or persuade other people in my circle to watch the show, I’m more than happy to continue to tune in and enjoy, even if others are missing out or just don’t get my love of the show.

Long may “More 4” carry the show and I urge more of you to tune in, watch, give it time and then enjoy as much as I do. (Tune in: More 4 channel, daily at 8:30pm GMT, Monday to Friday).

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