> Just like Brian Wilson Did......

Just like Brian Wilson Did......

Posted on Saturday, March 28, 2009 | No Comments

I defy anyone not to have, at some point in their lives, to not admitting to singing in the shower. It’s one of those things no human being can possibly ever not do at some point or another. For a start, the acoustics in most bathrooms, with their tiled walls, are the perfect place to belt out a few tunes.

With this in mind, I was highly delighted when I stumbled across a bunch of videos on YouTube from one of my favourite bands; The Barenaked Ladies. The title for the video set is “The Bathroom Sessions”, and is mainly the lead singer, armed with a guitar and some sort of video camera belting out some of the bands greatest hits.

I don’t know if the concept is original or not, but I like it. Music in its purest form, directly from the original composer, rather than some user-generated content of a guy in a bedroom equally (or perhaps not), as talented with a guitar.

Anyone know of any clips of famous singers or bands travelling in a car, singing along to their own tracks on the radio? Tour buses don’t count by the way!

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