> Next Generation, Much Improved….

Next Generation, Much Improved….

Posted on Saturday, March 14, 2009 | No Comments

No one likes being ‘number 2’, ‘second best’, the ‘runner up’.

It was with this in mind that I took offence at, knowing I was entered into an phone ‘address’ book as “Craig 2”, as there already existed a “Craig” in the telephone directory.

As much I tried to lobby to be changed from “Craig 2” to “Craig B”, which not only alphabetically would be correct, but also allows the “B” to stand for my initial. To me, it just made logical sense……but no, it can never be that easy. I was either destined to be “Craig 2” forever or come up with something better (or my final plan involved buying the “rights” to ownership of the name “Craig” in this particular phonebook, which would have been madness!)

Once I had set my mind in motion to get the change made, the answer actually came pretty easily. As a techie the answer was obvious.

That’s right, the answer was to re-invent myself, just as the web has developed itself after the “dot com bubble” and become much like “Web 2.0”, “Craig 2.0”. Not second best, but a refinement, an improvement and better Craig, the next generation of something already good.

I may not be the first Craig on the phonebook list, but I’m rather proud to be “Craig 2.0”.

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