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Making It Snappy....

Posted on Monday, June 15, 2009 | 1 Comment

After a bit of encouragement, I’ve finally taken the plunge and bought myself a new toy this weekend. Whilst it seems like a bit of an impulse purchase, let me assure you that it has been well researched and a vast amount of thought put into it – especially if you read my last post!

That’s right; I’ve purchase a new digital camera! But not your typical point and shoot that my current skill set is accustomed to, but the new four-thirds Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 “SLR”.

Reading (or rather watching courtesy of
YouTube), the many reviews on this camera, it seems there is a mixture of opinion of whether or not this camera can be classified as a true SLR given its digital viewfinder, over the traditional mirror system used in most SLR’s. However, after using the camera over the weekend, I’ve found the electronic view finder to be easy to use and despite some pixilation, does quite a nice job, especially if you are able to compensate with your imagination a little to block out the imperfect digital dots. Alright, for the die-hard photographer, it might be a no go, but when trading off the advantages of size and weight, I think it’s a good compromise.

I’ve adapted to the controls rather quickly, and find the combination of the quick menu and the jog wheel on the front especially useful and far from confusing (once you have a quick glance through the instruction manual to work out exactly which symbol is for what). The flip-out, rotating screen is also a handy feature and one of the main things that attracted me to this particular camera model – I likes a good screen, especially on such a “visual” heavy product.

A number of reviews mentioned that this camera is over-priced compared to some of the more established cameras on the market, however when you consider that this new smaller size is brand new to the market and is packed full of new technologies (sophisticated electronic view finders, flip out screen, etc), it becomes a little more understandable and whilst the price will undoubtedly drop as the technology becomes more widely adapted, it’ll be entirely dependant on your budget to work out if that little bit more is worth it or not.

Coming from a “point and shot” camera to something a little bit more complex is a bit of a step for me, and there is a lot I need to now learn along the way, but this camera, I believe, is perfectly placed in the market; for those new to photography and those already established who want the control for that perfect photograph.

After years of talking up photo service Flickr, I have no doubt that at some point I will be signing up for myself to show off some of my better photographs. However, for now, I’ve taken advantage of
Microsoft Skydrive Live service (there’s a link on the left hand menu), and uploaded my photos here for you to consume for the time being.


Whilst I’m talking
Skydrive, its still a useful tool that not nearly enough people take advantage of when sharing files and utilising as a collaboration tool and whilst I’ve not done enough to spread the word about it, I will most certainly try to; its especially useful as a USB key tag/memory stick replacement/alternative or when moving files around multiple machines.

I’m not sure it’s a service I’ll be plugging (and by ‘plugging’, I mean ranting and raving and taking every opportunity to talk about), like I have in the past with Flickr,
Digg, Twitter, Gmail, etc...but as an interesting piece of “Web 2.0” technology, with a wink towards cloud based tech, Skydrive is worth keeping in mind for any file, web storage, sharing, collaborating needs.


MissLaura said...

Hurrah hurrah hurrah! viva le digital revolution!!
I'm glad you made the purchase, i know u're gonna get a lot of joy outta it

L x

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