> Panaramic Vision....

Panaramic Vision....

Posted on Saturday, June 6, 2009 | 1 Comment

I'm not much of a photographer, but what I am (it turns out), is "a PC".

A couple of weeks ago, I ventured out on the road in the glorious sunshine, driving with the top down on my convertible car (still can't get over how nice that is), and headed over to Whitby. Armed with my trusty point and click Olympus camera.

I headed up the infamous Whitby "199 steps" and walked around the church yard, looking out across the magnificent vista and inevitably clicked away a few photographs. Whilst I did so, it got me wondering about those panaramic photos you've no doubt seen the kids doing recently in a number of Microsoft Live adverts. Anyway, I had to give it a go.

So, I downloaded my photos to my PC and I set about playing with "stitching" three photographs together using "Windows Live Photo Gallery", after a little bit of trouble (me not adding the photos to the gallery), I was eventually able to select the photos I wanted to turn into a panaramic view and click the button.

The software did everything for me and I ended up with what I think is an awesome photograph!

........"I'm Craig, I'm 25 and three quarters, and I'm a PC"!


MissLaura said...

much loving of this photo Mister! and i thought u were 4 and three quarters?

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