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A QI Video Blog.....

Posted on Tuesday, June 2, 2009 | No Comments

I’ve always liked the idea of those interesting video blogs, where someone interesting in interviewed on a Flip Video camera especially in the middle of somewhere slightly unusual. As “Project QI” was unfolding, I decided that I wanted to chart the progress of the journey and re-live the ‘story thus far’, capturing all of the excitement, thoughts and emotion on Flip Video forever.

What I got instead was something slightly different.

The documentation of the journey was forgotten until the very last minute; as you can tell from the way this interview was rudely interrupted:

Dave being QI.... from Craig Butters on Vimeo.

Capturing the moments after this interview was interrupted then seemed secondary to the actual adventure we found ourselves in. Missing is the exciting detour we took through the iMAX cinema (or rather the walk around the cinema, followed by a bathroom break), the moment of realisation we were to join a rather long queue, the actual queuing action (which was far more exciting than it sounds, as we seemed to be the only ones actually entertained by our dry wit and comedic banter), the dodging of pigeon droppings, mocking of die-cast hands of B-list celebs on the walls of the studio building, the possible escape and capture of a genuine QI elf (or just a really small lady who was potentially mistook for an elf), and then entering the actual studio itself.

All sadly missing from video footage and forever consigned to memories in my own head (and now in written word on this blog). However, as the old saying goes, “they can take everything, but they can’t take my memories”....

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