> 24 Days: The Lauch Post

24 Days: The Lauch Post

Posted on Friday, July 24, 2009 | No Comments

From the 14th August, I will officially be on holiday from my full time job for just over three weeks – and at this point my plans aren’t known, just about anything can happen between then and now and then.

As it’s a full three weeks away from work, I’m going to try not to waste my holidays in a TV filled, unproductive blur (he says). Instead I’m going to try to educate myself and be slightly productive and try to find some fun and interesting ways to fill my days (although not everyday can be a productive day of course!).

To keep my mind sharp and my fingers nimble, what I intend to do during this time is write a daily blog post from the 14th August, right through to the 6th September outlining my learning’s of the day; all under the banner of “24 Days” (think “24” but in terms of days instead of hours – and less terrorists trying to kill me), right here on CraigButters.com

The 14th is 20 days away – then the clock starts ticking, and then let the serious blogging begin!

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