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#24Days: The Beauty Of York…..

Posted on Wednesday, August 19, 2009 | No Comments

With a day of work on the horizon tomorrow, the only natural thing to do today was engage in some sort of day-out-activity.  And what better way than spending the day in the glorious City of York?


Anyone who knows me well will know just how much I love the City of York.  It’s an awesome City and it only gets better as the weather improves – and today, the weather did more than improve, it shined!  Driving towards York this morning, it was unclear just what the weather was going to do with blue sky on one side of the windscreen, and dark clouds out of the other side – I risked it and decided to leave my coat in the car today, and thank the lord I did, because as soon as I walked towards the Park & Ride bus, the sun shone!  I even went back to the car to get my sunglasses for the day it was that bright!


Of course, when the sun comes out, the beautiful people of York and all around head out too.  For the first time ever, I’ve had to queue and wait at the Park & Ride – didn’t make it onto the first, or the second bendy bus.  Made it to the third bus and I was on my way towards the City Centre in no time.


Sat on the bus, two old ladies – presumably one who lives close by and the other clearly visiting from somewhere further afield, gasped and amazed commented on the beauty of the outskirts of York.  The river, the surrounding green fields, the “cottages” (the town houses on the outskirts), the architecture…….I swear I could’ve followed them all day as they gushed over the wonders of York.  Just made me appreciate it all the more as I wandered the City today.


As is usually the tradition when arriving in York, I headed straight for the bookstores – Borders, then Waterstones – buying myself the book of today (this comes in handy later). 


Heading off to lunch at Nando’s for some tasty, tasty chicken (Mr G, I’ve now located Nando’s York you’ll be pleased to hear for our next visit and Plonkers isn’t offering their ‘half a chicken' special).  Followed by a Starbucks (more on this tomorrow).  A wander around the Shambles and around the rest of the shops – pure delight.


Finally the last thing on my list of things to do in York on a awesomely sunny day; you’ve got to go to the park to lay on the grass with the gorgeous people.  The sun shining down on you, the sound of the river rushing by in the background, the wonder of everyone being friendly and nice people (rather than the usual scum in our local park), and of course that book that I purchased earlier.  I promise you, I could sit there all day and just enjoy life given the choice. Tis absolute bliss.


Back on the Park & Ride and back to my car, with the roof down and the music on, stereo turned up loud, it was time to cruise home in the warmth of the sun – what a day! 


I love York!

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