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#24Days: Disconnected….

Posted on Thursday, August 20, 2009 | No Comments

Unfortunately, my promised post from yesterday on Starbucks has had to be postponed until tomorrow because today I’ve been suffering from a lack of wireless connection.


It seems just about everything could connect to my wireless router apart from my laptop and no matter what I tried, it just wouldn’t connect, much to my frustrations.  After a long day spent trying to get it to connect, I finally gave in to reinstalling Windows 7 on my laptop.


After doing so, hoping it would work, it failed yet again.  My laptop’s wireless card has failed once before and I was able to get it repaired under warranty, but as the warranty has now expired, that was off the table.  At this point I was so fed up, I decided to drive to my nearest PC World and purchase a Linksys USB Wireless-N adaptor just to get me back up and running.


After almost killing an unhelpful sales guy who was far too busy counting USB memory dongles than actually trying to help customers buy kit, I tracked down the adapter I wanted and proceeded to the checkout.  After what seemed like an eternity queuing up to pay for it, I was eventually out of the store and on my way home.


I opened the box and fired up the laptop – only to find that it has now decided to start working as normal again!  Bloody typical!


…at least I’m now reconnected with the world again and I now have a spare wireless dongle to fall back on if I ever do need it.  But what a day its been trying to get connect – I recommend it to no one, its no fun what so ever!


Until tomorrow….stay classy!

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