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#24Days: The First Change....

Posted on Friday, August 14, 2009 | No Comments

Today is the first day of my extended 24-day holiday. And whilst I have this time (all but one day), to myself, I’ve decided that a change in some of my daily activities is in order.

As a pretty much daily TechCrunch reader, I’ve been reading with interest with their fascination with a company called “BluePrint” which is a juice cleanse available in New York, but fast expanding to the San Francisco area. I was first made aware of the cleanse from Sarah Lacy’s blog, after she claimed that after her frequent travelling and jet lag she would often get ill and needed a solution – the cleanse was the solution she found.

Since then, she’s persuaded others in the
TechCrunch office to also join in with the cleanse and the most sceptical of the bunch – a Mr Paul Carr – eventually admitted to feeling much better after his quota of the cleansing juice. At $85 a bottle, its not cheap though, and they don’t do International deliveries yet (I would seriously think about giving this a whirl if it were available in the UK – and the price was reasonable), and although I have no doubt I could scour the web looking for healthy juice mixtures and a decent juicer/blender, it wouldn’t quite have the same scientific approach to it as the BluePrint cleanse.

So, what changes do I plan to make for the next three weeks? Well, the most important one – and although I realise not a cleanse – is to start eating a healthy breakfast. Anyone who knows me knows that my morning weekday alarm is set for 6:30am sharp, and has been for years, from the time I used to deliver newspapers as a kid, through college, and starting work at 8am in Hartlepool and later in Sunderland. For whatever reason, even though for the past two years I’ve been working much closer to home, my 6:30am alarm has remained and I’m pretty confident that some mornings my natural body clock could wake me up at this time without the alarm at all (although in the interests of not running late, I’m not going to put this to the test!).

Being up so early and out the door an hour later to travel to work, I’ve never – since I was a kid – got into the routine of having breakfast. Skipping the most important meal of the day hasn’t been a good thing. Therefore, I’ve decided that during my 24 days holiday, I will be making the time to enjoy a bowl of “Special K with Red Berries” for breakfast.

This decision isn’t intended as a cleanse or as a diet, but it is intended as a positive step towards generally feeling better and seeing if it actually does make a difference to me (all of the evidence seems to suggest it will). I will certainly keep you posted over the next 24 days on any progress.

Right now though, I’m off out to pick up some milk. The holiday starts here!

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