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#24Days: Have Ferrari Signed Alonso?....

Posted on Saturday, August 22, 2009 | No Comments

Have Ferrari signed Fernando Alonso? It seems the entire F1 paddock has made their mind up that he is going to be driving for the Scuderia next season, but the Ferrari team remain tight lipped.

Of course, if Alonso has signed on the dotted line for Ferrari, then one of the two existing drivers will need to be stepped aside for next season. Felipe Massa, despite his accident still remains a favourite with the team and Michael Schumacher's continued belief in him - as well as last years Championship run to second place.

Which leaves Kimi Raikkonen. Prized away from McLaren in 2007 to replace the outgoing Schumacher, won the championship in his first season with the team in a nail biting final race, and then fizzled out through 2008 with a car that wasn't to his liking - Massa showing him up almost. This season its been a mixed bag - some sparkling moment of pure Kimi Iceman driving and then some not-so-sparkling moments. He's been driving a Fiat/Abarth Punto Sporting in a couple of Rally races this season....is he losing interest in single seaters?

With Santander (a Spanish company and Alonso's personal sponser at Renault and then later McLaren when his move was announced), signed up to sponser Ferrari next season, could this be the biggest indicator?

We shall find out at the traditional Ferrari driver announcement location of the Italian Grand Prix at Monza in a few weeks time. I await with great interest.

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