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#24Days: A Mouse With A Cunning Plan Me'Lord....

Posted on Monday, August 24, 2009 | No Comments

Following the discovery of this little blighter (click to enlarge and "awww" at the cuteness), last week, scurrying around in our yard after pieces of bread, traps were put down in a bid to capture said cheeky mouse and move him on from his current location.

Today, I discovered however that of the two traps put down, only one now remains. Which means that one of the traps has actually gone walk about. Now as everyone knows well, “the best laid plans of mice and men, gang aft a-glay”, but it seems this little mouse has his schemes well thought out and has managed to evade the trap and make the other completely disappear! Cunning little blighter!

So, today, off we went to a popular DIY hardware store to replace said missing trap. When we arrived at the store and tracked them down amongst the many aisles, what we found was a rather large selection of different types, sizes and trap configurations for your every day cunning mouse genius. There’s even an “electronic mouse trap” (I kid thee not), that takes batteries and delivers an electric shock to the pesky rodent – an electronic mouse trap? – would have thought?

My suggestions for a new trap (pictured to the right), were quickly dismissed, even though I though they would not only capture the mouse, but provide hours of endless entertainment in the process.

We now have two new mouse traps, in their own little boxes which needs a key to open it for some reason positioned out in strategic locations in amongst the foliage. Not that we’re hoping to catch the mouse, but merely to see the mouse re-calculate and make these disappear also in some way – we like to provide a challenge after all.

Cheeky mouse!

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