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#24Days: Souper….

Posted on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 | No Comments

This last week I’ve gained a new ‘like’, and think I just might have spotted a gap in the market.  See, my new ‘like’ is soup, yummy, yummy, tasty soup.


I’ve been buying Marco Pierre White soup’s from my supermarket and I have to admit they are very much yummy and I’ve been enjoying them muchly for my lunch.


Walking around town today though, I noticed that there are a number of coffee houses and a number of sandwich shops which attempt to cater for pretty much any type of sandwich you could possibly ever want to dream up, but what there is not, is a place that serves a yummy, delicious soup as a lunchtime deliciously.


Think about it, it’s the perfect lunch.  Either buy it hot to sit in or take away, or buy it ready to microwave once you get to work – it comes in all flavours, it’s healthy, it’s simple to make and it’s a hot food alternative to a sandwich or a pasta pot. 


Every major restaurant (with the exceptions of the fast food chains – cos they are just weird), has a soup-of-the-day, which means that people do actually enjoy a good soup, thus it makes sense that instead of sandwich shops, soup shops should be opened up to expand the lunchtime market.


…forget the whole thing…you never read it hear, I’m going to do it myself and make my first million.  Go back to your business…..

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