> #24Days: Time For the Return Of.....

#24Days: Time For the Return Of.....

Posted on Monday, August 17, 2009 | No Comments

Since Friday when I wrote my first #24Days blog post, about the change to my life (the one about finally discovering the joys of breakfast), I’ve been whistling a tune that is very recognisable and yet at the same time slightly annoying, especially this morning as I switched on my TV. Let me explain….

For my breakfast post, I searched out an appropriate image and just so happened to stumble upon the coffee pot that featured on a very popular show (more on that in a moment and 5 points if you managed to recognise where it came from), and since then I’ve been pondering the state of breakfast television. This morning I switched my TV on to find “Breakfast News” on the BBC, “GMTV” on ITV and Big Brother repeats on Channel 4, followed by repeats of classic “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” episodes that are constantly repeated on their digital channel i4? T4? E4? Something like that!

What I couldn’t find was a light hearted breakfast show designed to wake up the nation and send you off to work with a bit of a spring in your step, feeling good about the day ahead. And the reason for that is because Channel 4 pulled the plug on “The Big Breakfast” (congratulations and 5 points for those that guessed correctly*), and despite trying to replace it with something called “RI:SE”, they failed spectacularly and then just gave up and put Comedy Central’s line up on instead.

Lets face it,they were always going to fail with “RI:SE”, even the name isn’t that good – but even more so because everyone had been spoilt by the BB. Surely everyone remembers a young Chris Evans and Gaby Roslin perched on brightly coloured chairs, against and equally brightly coloured set based at Lock Keepers Cottages? With such classic games as “Don’t phone in, its just for fun” as every advert approached? The bathroom where aliens Zig And Zag lived and entertained, trying to be kept under control by “Christopher”?

Later of course came one of the best double acts in Breakfast history as Johnny Vaughn and Denise Van Outen revived the show back to former glory after losing their way a little with the departure of Chris Evans (who went onto produce and star in “Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush”, a show that his production company “Ginger Productions” (who also had a hand in the Production of the BB at the time), sold off the format around the world and made Evan’s his millions). But getting back to the point, Johnny and Denise revived the show and millions more tuned in each morning to enjoy the “Wakey, Wakey, Rise and shine…” song sung at the end of each show and partake in “The Pun Down”, a look at the newspaper’s best pun headlines.

As with all good things, it came to an end and so did Channel 4’s attempt to take on Chris Evan’s Virgin Radio Breakfast Show and Zoe Ball’s Radio 1 Breakfast Show (who were having their own battle over the airwaves at the time). Today, there’s a new breakfast show war – the listeners of Chris Moyles on Radio 1 (I’m not a fan), and Sir Terrance of Wogan on the UK’s most popular radio station Radio 2. Hardly the most gripping of battles (although it could soon hot up with the rumoured return of Mr Evan’s take over from Sir Wogan on the Breakfast Show slot – if you’ve never heard a Chris Evan’s breakfast show, you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about).

But, if I were Channel 4 controller, I’d be thinking very carefully right now about how to revamp morning television – and you could easily forgive them for opening up Lock Keepers Cottages once more and trying to bring back The Big Breakfast, with two bright, cheery young presenters and of course the welcomed return of Messer's Zig and Zag.

*Points are unredeemable and have no alternative cash value.

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