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The Birthday Grinch

Posted on Monday, August 10, 2009 | No Comments

It’s that time of year again – the time of year when I am transformed from my usual mild mannered self into “The Birthday Grinch”!

This is a strange phenomenon that occurs every August and is an unusual character trait for someone born under the star sign of Leo – us Leo’s normally like to be centre of attention – yet every 10th August over the last couple of years, I’ve hated the attention of being the “birthday boy”, my argument being I much prefer Christmas time (where everyone gets presents and attention lavished upon them in the act of giving and receiving), to Birthday time. And ever since my good friend, Mr Greenwood, has labelled me “The Birthday Grinch”.

The act of getting one year old doesn’t bother me in the slightest – it happens to us all and it is only ever a number. The number means nothing, it’s the experiences and time in between birthdays that needs to be considered most importantly.

But this year seems to be slightly different, I’ve actually taken the effort to book myself a day off from work (these last few years, my birthday has fallen on a weekend or during a summer holiday’s week period), and I’ve managed to keep the Grinch firmly well hidden – despite being rudely awoken on my day off, forgetting to cancel the alarm clock.

Whilst I have no big plans for the day, I did find myself opening up an parcel from Mr G to find an “American Office” box set to keep me busy. It seems like such a nice gift, but when you realise that he’s been trying constantly to get me to watch and my instance that I don’t find it funny – it seems his persistence has finally paid off and I will now be watching the first three series.

Under my bed for the past few months has been an unopened box, and within it, contained my birthday gift from my folks and I’ve resisted all this time from opening it. Today, I finally got to peel the sellotape from the box and open a rather posh, bound book on Ayrton Senna. This thing is absolutely stunning – full colour photographs on every page and just a delight to flick through and read. As a fan, it really does seem to be a must have item.

Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better, I was then fast tracking it to the post office to pick up another gift (I’m a lucky boy), from my good friend Princess Laura. Arriving at the post office and handing over my “Sorry we couldn’t deliver” slip, a medium sized box was passed back to me – getting back to the car, I couldn’t contain my excitement and I opened it in the car. Much to my absolute delight, a “Ferrari F1 Racers LEGO” set!

I raced home, and upon reaching the living room and getting the box opened up, I spent a good hour building the pieces up and putting the tiny little stickers all over it. It has kept me busy and entertained and I love it. Haven’t quite decided where it’s long term home will be yet, but I’m sure I will find a place for it where I can dream and imagine all of those epic Ferrari on-track battles!

Has the Birthday Grinch left me forever? Who knows, it may return next year with vengeance, but this year it seems to have stayed well away from my celebratory day.

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