> Speed Blur...

Speed Blur...

Posted on Saturday, August 1, 2009 | 1 Comment

I've always admired and loved those classic blurry photographs of F1 cars in full motion, they always convey so much of the speed and forward motion of the car. And so, with a bit of spare time on my hands and a very good teacher, I've been trying to master the blurry photograph shot!

And here are the results:

(Click for enlarged image)

Alright, in this particular case the Ferrari isn't moving at full speed (or an
ywhere near that), but it does depict the driving legend Michael Schumacher in full-on blur! I've been pleased with the results and just had to share them with you all!

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Uncle Dick Madeley said...

Nice use of the speed blur. You can achieve similar results by popping a stoat down your trousers whilst leaving your aperture open.

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