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#24Days: The Last Day….

Posted on Sunday, September 6, 2009 | No Comments

Well, today is the last day of my “#24Days” holiday.


24 days of being off work, blogging has been rather easy – especially when some of those days I’ve only posted a couple of YouTube videos with a bit of a caption – no one said I couldn’t do that!


Alas it has come to an end, and just about the right time too, this last week has started to become a little bit boring, a little bit slow, dragging – especially because I knew what was coming.  Next week, I return to work and to a company I left two years ago.  This time there’s a whole new challenge and new obstacles to content with – but I can assure you of one thing; its going to be a lot of fun.


…..and that’s all there is, there is no more.  Of course I’m going to continue blogging here, but the “'#24Days” tag will now be dropped and the posts will become a little less frequent, but blog I will.


New challenges, new era…..starting tomorrow. Bring it on!

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