> #24Days: Trip Or Fall….

#24Days: Trip Or Fall….

Posted on Friday, September 4, 2009 | No Comments

The last time I was off work, my TV seemed to be actively encouraging me to have an accident, a trip or a fall anywhere and that a team of highly select lawyers were on hand to give me all the compensation I thus deserved as a result of said trip or fall.


This time my TV has been requesting me to hunt around my home for old mobile phones and gold that I can send in a secure envelope for them to analyse and send me a cash amount I’d be truly happy with – if not all of my belongings will be returned to me free of charge. 


So, having a bit of time on my hands this week, I’ve been walking around trying my very best to have a trip or a fall and having only achieved a few laughs in the street as I walked with oversized shoes or high heels, it turns out I’ve failed to trip or fall (who knew?).  My plan had to be adjusted accordingly to make myself some extra cash.


Today, inspired by the cash for gold themed adverts that have been repeated non-stop on my television, I’ve stopped trying to fall over and instead been on a scavenger hunt around the house today looking for gold I can cash in.


Here’s what I found:

  • gold plated door handles (with screws – took me all day to take them out)
  • A plastic pen with gold ink which I used last year for writing Christmas cards with
  • Half a pot of gold coloured paint
  • and not one but 2 (UK sterling) pound coins

I’m hoping to make at least £120, I reckon I’ll need at least £50 to replace the door handles – its been pretty brutal walking around the place trying to open doors without them being there – and of course £2 to replace the pound coins I’ve “borrowed” from the mantelpiece and no one notices they’ve gone missing.


The rest is just pure profit…….and I guess if I’m not happy with their valuation, I can always get them sent back to me. I just hope I don’t send all this gold off to the company expecting my old Nokia 3330.

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