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Brawn Clinch It

Posted on Sunday, October 18, 2009 | No Comments

Less than 12 months ago, I was predicting the end of the Honda Formula One team and the effect it would have on Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichello and Ross Brawn.  I also predicted that if the team were to survive, being lead by Ross Brawn, the team would come up with something special and be on course for a few wins.  Here’s what I wrote way back in December:

“There's no doubt that his talent for car design would have catapulted Honda to the front of the race and as Honda F1's team manager would have guided the team to certain victories. IF he can pull off the impossible and find a buyer for the team, his winning credentials will be proven once and for all.”

Three months later, the team had been rescued and both Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello were confirmed within the team – my prediction of Bruno Senna joining the fold wasn’t quite right, but he still remains and untapped talent for F1 and its very likely we will see him in F1 either next year or the year after.  In the build up to the 2009 Season, my suspicions and faith in Ross Brawn’s leaderships and engineering prowess were once again expressed:

“As speculated, the Honda F1 team have been rescued by one of the sports greats: Ross Brawn. The man is a legend in Ferrari circles, and equally well respected by just about everyone else in Formula 1. His new venture “Brawn GP” is already setting benchmark times and it would be quite a sight to see them race their way to the championship in their first year, proving all of those doubters wrong and irking those who failed to buy the team in their most desperate of times. It would be a great story and F1 is full of wonderful and quirky stories.”

Today, it seems that quirky story has further truth to it, as “Brawn GP” were handed their first “F1 Constructors Championship”.  But it goes a little bit deeper into history than first appears.


A few weekends ago I watched a documentary on the great Sir Jackie Stewart and one aspect of the programme focused on his relationship with great pioneer F1 Constructor Ken Tyrrell.  One shot in particular showed Sir Jackie and Ken sat on cardboard boxes within the famous Tyrrell garages, when Sir Jackie turns to Ken and says “What we did back then, winning the championship in the first year as constructors was nothing short of amazing”.  Tyrrell winning their first Constructors championship in 1971. 


Now, when you consider that “Brawn GP” to my knowledge being the first constructor since then to win the Championship in their first season, it really puts the victory into perspective.  Yes, they were helped by not having to start from scratch, taking over the infrastructure left behind by Honda and the raft of rule changes played directly to their advantage, but from zeros to heroes non-the-less. 


Now, as you know before the team became “Brawn” they were “Honda”, but before “Honda” they were in fact “British American Racing” or “BAR” for short.  For those who know their F1 history well, British American Tobacco's team was actually the purchase of the old Tyrrell F1 team back in 1998.  It seems that some of the Tyrrell magic of winning their constructors championship in their first year, has repeated again this time with Ross Brawn the privateer constructor at the helm of the team.    Its a remarkable story for a team that didn’t even exist 10 months ago.


Congratulations to Ross Brawn and to all those at Brawn Grand Prix.  History has been written once again.

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