> I Don’t Know Kung Fu

I Don’t Know Kung Fu

Posted on Sunday, October 11, 2009 | No Comments

How do you learn something that is extremely complex without any real dummy guides being available?


I’m trying to figure out the quickest and best way to learning the underlying technology within SQL Server – without having to necessarily learn SQL coding (thought that’s probably something I need to learn one day).  All of the books available on the subject seem to be for developers who are already familiar with the product and therefore completely useless to the guy who wants to learn it from scratch.


My problem isn’t sitting down to figure it all out, my problem is finding the quickest way to figuring it all out.  These last four weeks I’ve found myself with hardly any time to conjure up this “learning time” without being interrupted or just not being in the right frame of mind to focus on a complex subject.


Suggestions on an e-postcard please to the usual address!


There’s a scene in “The Matrix” where “Kung Fu” is simply loaded into the head of Neo.  If only learning SQL were that simple for me!


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