> New Favourite Word: Jugaad

New Favourite Word: Jugaad

Posted on Monday, November 30, 2009 | No Comments

Ever since I was bitten by the Web 2.0 bug and the internet start-up scene, I’ve become really engrossed with 2 particular tech writers; Paul Carr and Sarah Lacy.

When I first started reading Paul Carr’s articles he was a writer for the Guardian newspaper and appeared to be ready to take on just about anyone in his quest to report the crazy surreal world of Web 2.0. It was due to these articles that made me purchase his book (“Bringing Nothing To The Party”), and read his blog - but even more of a bonus to reading these articles was my introduction to Sarah Lacy.

Sarah had just released her first book “The Rise of Web 2.0”, which I purchased and read with interest. After reading the book, I then just had to read Sarah’s own blog and some of her articles on Business Weekly.

Now both Paul and Sarah are going through the process of writing their second books – and their careers have brought them both to now be popular writers/contributors to the TechCrunch website. Paul brought his successful Guardian column “Not Suitable For Work” to the site whilst Sarah brought stories of her international travel and investigative journalism to site (which is all part of her new book on Internet start-ups based outside of the renowned Silicone Valley).

In Sarah’s most recently article, she tells us that Indian start-ups are missing Angel Funding and jugaad. As a result, “jugaad” just might be my new favourite word. It means “an innate creativity for problem solving”, which just might describe my day job perfectly.

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