> Hello Friends & Thanks For Tuning In....

Hello Friends & Thanks For Tuning In....

Posted on Sunday, January 10, 2010 | No Comments

Tomorrow a new era in radio history starts.....that's right, Mister Christopher Evans of former Radio One savior and Breakfast Show presenter returns to the Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2, taking over from the legendary Sir Terry Wogan.

I personally cannot wait. As a long time Evan's fan, and listener of the Radio 1 and Virgin Radio Breakfast Shows, its the show he was born to present - and taking over from Terry is an absolute honor I'm sure Christoph will fully relish and deliver the perfect show to start the new era at Radio 2 (the UK's most popular radio station lets not forget).

What makes it more interesting is that after the Russell Brand 'Sachsgate' scandle and the departure of Jonathan Ross from the BBC come June this year, I believe Evans to be the last real radio broadcaster who will move into the pages of legend and radio history. I think that Brand was perfect poised to take over as the 'Celebrity DJ' mantle from Evans - reaching out to the young people of Britian as thee talent to keep the medium alive, but alas no longer, Brand's reluctance to return to the airwaves restricted to only one-off specials at this time.

So, here it is then - the last great hope for radio and the last of the 'Celebrity DJ's: Chris Evans, BBC Radio 2, Monday to Friday 7am to 9:30am. 88 to 91 FM, tune in or miss out.

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