> Here's A Twist For You....

Here's A Twist For You....

Posted on Monday, January 25, 2010 | No Comments

Following my post on the much rumoured, much expected, much hyped Apple ‘iTablet’ where I rightly pointed out that Apple have managed to snare users and keep them loyal to their brand by producing not only the device, but the full end to end solution (read: buy an iPod and expected to run iTunes to make it work).

Whilst I’ve freely admitted many times in the past – it wasn’t my iPod dying that made me switch from iTunes, but the constant updates and tweaks to the software, coupled with the “sneaky” tactics of trying to make me download other Apple products such as Safari and MobileMe – that eventually lead to me making the switch to Windows Media Player/Centre as my default music player.

Sometime after I made this decision a bunch of Apple employees left the company and made the jump to Palm to work on the Pre smart phone. When the phone was announced just over a year ago, Palm rejoiced in the announcement that their phone would sync directly with iTunes saving users all of the hassle of having to convert or switch their software to manage their music library – a stroke of genius.

Unfortunately, Apple didn’t quite see it that way. Someone else encroaching on their patch was a big ‘no’ in Apple’s closed off approach to software (something that Microsoft used to be really bad at, but have completely changed in recent times). Apple changed their code to block Palm from syncing with their software and thus the game of cat and mouse started.

Today DoubleTwist – an alternative to iTunes that can sync with just about anything, including Apple products (I believe) – have signed a deal with T-Mobile to bring DoubleTwist software to Android devices and potentially other mobile handsets.

It’s quite an announcement as it effectively gives the other mobile phone handset manufacturers and networks a standardised alternative to promote against the company that has caused the most damage to their cosy little world of mobile telecoms. If they were able to boost the profile of DoubleTwist as ‘thee’ player to have, it could also be the start of consumers switching away from Apple hardware to alternative offerings (I’m thinking mainly iPods rather than iPhones here – but it seems music players and mobile handsets are ever more closely paired).

Are we about to see a dent (and I will say ‘dent’ only at this point in time), made in the Apple markets? Watch this space – a change may be coming!

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