> iTablet - iDon't Think So! -- Part 2

iTablet - iDon't Think So! -- Part 2

Posted on Friday, January 22, 2010 | No Comments

Part 2 of my post on the Apple iTablet - this was in reply to an email, which came in reply of Part 1. I've decided to respectfully not issue the other side of this conversation as I haven't asked for permission (not that I think it would be a problem you understand):

The success of the iPod/iPhone were Apple's ability to build end-to-end processes that locked users into their service (iPod -> iTunes, iPhone -> AppStore), making it unattractive to switch. Since that time, the game has changed - and other companies build better hardware and more intelligent services (Microsoft Zune players/Google NexusOne - I'll not mention Palm Pre for sanity reasons). Apple have never cracked the PC market because Microsoft dominate.

What I can't understand is where Apple will pitch the iTablet. If its an e-Reader, it uses the wrong technology (Kindle rule at eInk), if its a PC - 90%+ of users will require a keyboard, if its a big iPhone, the question has to be "Why and for what purpose would a user buy such a device?". A tablet device (and I'm not just talking about Apple here), has to serve a specific need for the user to warrant investment -- buying one because of hype is not enough (I know because I've fallen for that same hype on tablet devices before). Anyone who buys such a device purely around the hype without thinking about it will find an iTablet stuck in their gadget draw 3 to 6 months down the line because they won't have a need for it -- the smart phone has already has it beaten on portability, usability, etc.

As you know, I have my eye on the Microsoft Courier (the 2-screen notepad), because I can see a need for it. I currently have a notepad at work that I scribble all of my ideas down on -- having an electronic version of that, that works would happily be a welcome addition to my gadget list as a result. A Kindle (or other ebook reader), would also fill a void in my gadget arsenal -- I can see a need for it.

A tablet for the sake of a tablet I can't fathom.....and that's my point - the hype is bigger than the need - it doesn't matter what else Apple announce, users have to have a reason to buy a tablet from *any* manufacturer.

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