> A New Year Challenge….

A New Year Challenge….

Posted on Friday, January 1, 2010 | No Comments

My very first phone call this year – two-thousand-ten, twenty-ten or 2KX (whichever you prefer) - was just after 9:10am – made to my boss in reaction to an SMS message that landed on my phone seconds before – the year had begun!


Moments later the netbook was fired up and I was dialled into the corporate network once I’d located the security tag and tapped in the encryptions numbers.  Once connected, I was then entered into the world of phone systems, networking, mobile communications and guessing what exactly we needed to do next.


The problem we were attempting to fix is not important, the fact right there and then the working year had started and it started with my boss and I guessing our way through a system we have very little knowledge of, yet hold all of the keys and responsibility for.


It therefore seems that after my return to the company I left two years ago, the next task for this year will be one of tough organisation and a steep learning curve of new systems and new implementations.


It will be an interesting year…..

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