> An Open Letter Offer To The BBC

An Open Letter Offer To The BBC

Posted on Friday, January 8, 2010 | No Comments

An Open Letter To The BBC.


Dear Director General,


I am writing to express interest at the up and coming opening position you have for an hour long TV show on Friday evening come September.  Whilst I have no television experience, I believe I would be able to fill this slot with my own brand of comedy entertainment and chat with special guests.


I already have an idea for the name of the show “Friday Night With Craig Butters”.  My plans are also include bringing each guest on to a musical song which will be sung live by the in-house band of the show - “4 Lesbians and a Cello”.


The format of the show is then pretty simple – 3 celebrity guests are brought out to promote their latest wares and they chat a little bit about some amusing stories.  At the end of the show a live musical performer will sing before the titles roll.


I believe it to be a ratings winner.


As an added bonus, I am also free on Saturday mid-morning for any radio work that might be available.  I like music and believe I can converse with the public and any special guests who may have been coerced either into the studio or on the phone.


Unfortunately, I know squat about films – but I do have a friend who would be eager to present such a show if you wished to commission a series. 


I look forward to hearing your reply and hope contract negotiations are completed quickly.  My advice – snap me up now, before its too late.


Kind Regards,

Craig Butters

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