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Traffic Wombles And Elections

Posted on Friday, April 30, 2010 | No Comments

Driving to work this morning I was making good progress travelling down my local dual carriageway at a steady 70mph the cars in front of me suddenly start to appear in my windscreen rather rapidly.  At this point I realised why – the traffic in front of me had completely stopped and was queuing due to an accident up ahead.


Pressing the brakes in a gentle and sensible manner, I lined up behind the traffic.  Turning up the radio a little bit louder and glancing out of the window at the glorious sunshine weather and beginning to contemplate dropping the soft-top roof of my car the traffic ahead started to crawl at a snails pace – which it did for at least another 15 minutes before I reached the front of the queue only to find a line of cones and a “Traffic Womble Mobile” parked behind a white van that was clearly parked off the road on the grass verge, allowing more than enough space for traffic to pass-by on both sides of the dual carriageway.


It was clear that traffic wombles (or “Roadside Assistance” to everyone else), by arriving on the scene and putting out their fluorescent cones they had made the situation 10 times worse than it needed to be – and the queue of traffic behind me to be more congested than it ever needed to be, no doubt causing all of those people to be late – as I was.


It was at this point I was reminded of the campaign a while ago, headed by a UK newspaper, to elect Jeremy Clarkson as the UK Prime Minister.  With all of the political debate at the moment between the three main parties in the UK vying for election into office, my question is why, oh why, haven’t the British people demanded Clarkson to stand for election?


He would be a great British Leader.  Anyone who’s read one of his books or his newspaper articles will realise that he’s also very much about Great British values and British engineering successes – never before have I heard someone talk so passionately about the success of Concord and bemoaned its place in history as its resigned to a museum piece never to fly again.


A few weeks ago, I had a discussion in which I said if any of the three UK Party Leaders really wanted to win this election they could do so by targeting one specific kind of person – that person is the motorist.  Think about it, promise to lower the price of fuel duty and the millions of car owners will flock to vote.  But if when the price of fuel goes up, so do other things such as food items, then it makes sense that if fuel goes down, due to less tax, then so will these items – thus making it better for everyone.


I think this would be an ideal policy for Clarkson to campaign on – who appeals to the motorist more than the Top Gear presenter? 


Clarkson for PM I say!  Lets make it happen – perhaps not this time, but next time people  - Britain deserves it!

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