> F1 Canadian GP, Ferrari Round-Up: I’m Not Happy (and neither should Alonso be!)

F1 Canadian GP, Ferrari Round-Up: I’m Not Happy (and neither should Alonso be!)

Posted on Sunday, June 13, 2010 | No Comments

Perhaps I shouldn’t blog when I’m angry, but right now I’m fuming!  The Canadian Grand Prix has me absolutely riled, and my Twitter stream is hardly helping matters along with the congratulations to the McLaren drivers Lewis and Jenson, but this was a race that Fernando Alonso and Ferrari should have won – if only the back markers would have got out of the way.


Historically the scarlet red colour of the Ferrari was the perfect colour to attract the attentions of the back markers in their tiny, tiny mirrors – and the intimidation factor alone would have them weaving out of the way without any hesitation.


More recently, it seems this perception has gone away and needs to be returned as soon as possible.  Drivers in the slower to mid paced teams often long hold ambitions to drive for the legendary Prancing Horse and they need to be re-awoken to the fact that the team chooses their drivers very strategically, blocking the faster Ferrari cars isn’t the way to land a Ferrari drive at all.


Today, Alonso was blocked twice – once by Heiki Kovalinen in the Lotus, which allowed Lewis Hamilton back past and into the lead and then in the closing 10 laps, a slow Hispania driving by Karun Chandok clearly baulked the 2nd placed Ferrari, allowing Jenson Button to glide past into the position. 


Alonso should have won this race and Ferrari should have been celebrating their second victory of the season.  Instead, the McLaren fans are celebrating and the Ferrari fans are left thinking what could have been.


….of course, the Ferrari fans (me included), are conflicted – a podium finish is a return to form and the performance this weekend has far exceeded what was expected after the disaster of the last race at Turkey.  The next race holds even more promise, a vast new update package is on its way and hopefully that should vault the team further towards the front and into a dominating position.


Before I close, I also want to talk about Felipe Massa’s performance – following a three hit, bumper-car style start with Tonio Liuzzi, he drove a great race to set early fastest laps and get himself back into the points hunt, only to tangle with ex-Ferrari pilot Michael Schumacher in a highly dubious move to force Massa off the track.  Unfortunately, Felipe’s front wing broke and he was dropped back down the order – another seemly unfortunate weekend for Massa’s Ferrari.


But on the flip side of that, Massa made an outstanding overtaking move against Liuzzi, prompting race engineer Rob Smedley to make the comment: “Good move kidda”.  Lets hope we see less of those at the next race and the two Ferrari’s race out front in Valencia.

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