> Get Him to the…..Radio Station!

Get Him to the…..Radio Station!

Posted on Saturday, June 26, 2010 | No Comments

Russell Brand, with his wet down hair once again became the Rock icon and front man of “Infant Sorrow” – Aldus Snow, for his latest movie “Get Him to the Greek” – a movie, which I have just got back from viewing…..and what a movie it is!

I loved every minute of it and I thoroughly recommend it to you, even if you didn’t like “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”.

But I’m not here to movie review for you, I’m writing to speculate on the next career move of a certain, not so damp haired Mr Brand. Don’t get me wrong, Rusty Rockets dominating the big screen was quite a sight to see and he pulled it of and made it look like the most natural thing in the world (although, to be fair, how hard can it be to act like yourself?), but this is exactly my worry.

What does Brand do next? Throughout this film the lines between Aldus and Russell were blurred and sometimes it was hard to actually tell the difference who you were watching. My fear is that Russell has become so good at playing Russell Aldus that any future films where he takes the lead role, we’ll be wondering what crazy role Aldus is taking in the next movie.

Matthew Perry had the same problem; we became so used to him playing Chandler Bing from Friends, that when he disappeared off to do “Fools Rush In”, I remember joking with friends that it should have been called “Chandler goes to Mexico”. (For the record, I didn’t think Perry managed to rid himself of the “Chandler” character until he starred in “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”, even his performance in the “West Wing” I was thinking that any moment he would fall back into Chander – though thankfully he didn’t).

So, whilst the reviews and critics are raving about “Get Him to the Greek” – I’m already looking forward to his next role to find out just how versatile as an actor he can be. He’s already due to appear in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, alongside Dame Helen Mirram, which couldn’t be further from Aldus Snow, so just perhaps he’ll pull it off. Then Brand is set to remake the Rik Mayall “Drop Dead Fred”, which I can see him playing perfectly and will suit his madcap behaviour to a tee.

The only problem with Brand’s movie career becoming so successful is that the role that he should be playing here in the UK is getting further and further away – his return to the radio airwaves. Has the UK lost Russell Brand forever? Quite possibly, but I don’t like to think too negatively…….lets find out.

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