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Hip To Be (Four)-Squared

Posted on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 | No Comments

Beginning of the year, I made the claim that geo-location services and augmented reality were the sectors to really take off this year in the tech industry. Location services was the big one though (less complex in set up for all those clever techies), but in the UK, it seemed that no one really ‘got it’ when it came to ‘check-in’ and as quickly as users signed up for these services, they quickly abandoned them.

Why? Simply because in the UK we’re a little behind the curve on location; we’re still fascinated by Twitter and Facebook and are perhaps a little unwilling to add another service or two (depending on whether you’re a FourSquare user or a GoWalla user or both), to the already confusing online world, especially for those who struggle to understand the point of it all.

I too abandoned FourSquare after about a week of not remembering to check-in to places – and I was of the belief that the geo-location services would be integrated directly into my social network of choice; Twitter. Unfortunately, even though Twitter has added some geo-location service into their platform, it’s no where near its ‘check-in’ based equivalents.

Over the weekend though, I’ve been thinking about location a lot. Mainly in response to an article posted on TechCrunch about opening up other services directly into your openly reported location, in real-time; being able to tap into many different services based on your needs, requirements and who is around within your area. You can read more about the vision of the future here.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to take the same approach with FourSquare (don’t ask why FourSquare over GoWalla, as I don’t have an answer for that), as I did with Twitter when I first joined the service; actively use the service and commit to it for at least three weeks, if its meant to be then I’ll continue to use it.
If I find it doesn’t bring any benefit or I keep forgetting to actively use the service then it’s obviously still not meant to be. But right now, its hip to be FourSquared!

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