> Lesson Learnt – Gifts Are Worthless?

Lesson Learnt – Gifts Are Worthless?

Posted on Thursday, July 1, 2010 | No Comments

Tonight I’m angry – and I know the rules, if your angry, you should never use the Internet to vent your frustrations, as you’ll probably feel different about it come the morning and regret what you wrote and released into the wild for all to see.

But tonight I’m breaking the rules because tonight the person who has angered me has broken the rules too and I think its only fair to do so.

The person in question is my ex-girlfriend, Katie Little – aka @mngurl1183 on the old Twitter. See, when we were together I bought her a HP Printer – and alright I didn’t spend a lot of money on a top of the range model, it was still pretty decent. The perfect little printer for the student, with a built in scanner and cheap ink cartridges, etc, etc. A lot of thought and research went into it, before selecting 'the one'.

Now, after being together for a few months, we sadly grew apart – guess we were always just different people – and we parted amicably and agreed to be friends.

Tonight I saw on Twitter a message posted by @mngurl1183 which reads as follows:

To my #Leeds and #York Tweeps: Interested in a #HP #printer? I'm selling one. Plz Dm me.

Now, I realise that the printer is having to go because she is moving back home to the US and can’t take it with her in her luggage and I understand that. But having paid for said printer, I tweeted back to say that rather than sell my printer, I would like it back.

I don’t own a printer and don’t really have a specific need for a printer, but having one around is always handy and more important to me would have been the scanner function. But NO….apparently I can’t ask for it back as it was given as a gift.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was brought up to know that you don’t sell gifts? Gifts are there to be treasured forever and looked after, someone who cares about you has gone out of their way to buy something for you, full of thought and hopefully practicality.

Not according to @mngurl1183 though! Apparently, even though I paid for the printer I’m not allowed to ask for it back, even though she is openly selling it on Twitter to anyone who will stump up enough cash to buy it from her.

Since we’ve argued over a printer, I’ve now decided that I no longer want the printer. But I hope this post serves as a reminder to myself more than anything, that no matter how nice you can be to another person, in the end its ultimately not worth it and it’ll only make me angry and annoyed.

Lesson learnt! And I hope whomever ends up with *my* printer, they are very happy with it - I wish you well.

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