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For me blogging has always been an opportunity to complain about anything and everything in more than 140 characters, and I don’t see why anyone would set up a blog for anything other than that purpose – unless they were promoting a particular event, or reporting a certain genre of news, or……ok, so there are lots of reasons to blog, but let me focus on my target here.


I’ve recently been alerted to a site known as “Plinky”, which is basically a Q&A for bloggers who have no imagination of their own to scribble down some clever answers in response to an ill thought out question.


Its actually a pretty good idea – a new question every day and inspiration without having to actually do any real thinking - its not for me! I think I already have my complaining genre pretty much sewn up, so I wasn’t about to sign up for the site.


Then I discovered Plinky also has a Twitter page where they post the exact same questions; so without further ado, I’ve picked out my top five questions from the first page and will attempt to answer them to the best of my abilities:


Describe something you lost that you want back


My dignity.


If you had unlimited resources what would you create?


I wouldn’t – I’d let some other poor sap concentrate on creating something whilst I lived it up on a beach without a care in the world with my unlimited amount of resources.


Mild, medium or hot?


A question straight from the Nando’s Employee guide; its medium by the way.


Tell about a time you wish you had been more selfish.


Well, between the time I was born and present day, selfishness has been ever present.  I won’t go into further details.


What part of life confuses you the most?


Its all confusing, that’s the point.  If it were easy, there would also be no point.  Thought the most confusing thing right now is why anyone would sign up for Plinky when they could simply steal their questions, set up their own blog page and plaster it with Google-Ads to make a bit of money on the side – perhaps that’s what I should created with my unlimited resources?


Excuse me whilst I go ponder this further.

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