> Android on the Rise?

Android on the Rise?

Posted on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 | No Comments

If our office is anything to go by and a reflection of what is going on out in the real world, then if I were Apple I’d be very afraid; for quite recently we’ve seen a spurt of Android based phones being purchased instead of Apple’s iPhone.

I need point out the numbers here. Of the people in the office we have as follows; 3 Samsung Galaxy S (Android), 1 Sony Xperia (Android), 1 iPhone 3G, 2 Blackberrys (RIM – although one of
these is a ‘work phone’, rather than a personal mobile), and I have my Palm Pre running WebOS. We also have a couple of other phones too, but these are neither iOS nor Android based.

What interests me the most is the quick succession of Samsung Galaxy S phones that have been purchased in quick succession by people in my office. It shows that Google really have got Android together after the disappointing G1 and it also demonstrates what a good job Samsung has done in bringing the hardware together to make the device as desirable as Apple’s iPhone 4 designs.

It’s quite a shift in dynamics from what I thought just a few months ago in that every man, woman and child looking for a new phone would automatically plump for the latest fruity Cupertino device. Is this a hang over from the antennagate issues or is this a genuine shift in the market? I think it’s too soon to tell, but antennagate has certainly scared Apple.

That’s not to say that Google have got the phone market cornered just yet. I’m still sceptical about the rate Android devices are appearing on the market and superseding the previous ‘hot’ device almost immediately. Also, from what I understand from skirting around a few web articles, Google have been slow in getting all of their handsets onto the latest releases of Android; this clearly is a problem for app developers and the software that users can or cannot run on their phone (active wallpaper is the big talking point in our office which is running on the Galaxy phones, but not on the Sony Xperia).

From my point of view, being the only WebOS user in the entire building never mind the office (to my knowledge), I’m not at all worried. In my opinion WebOS is still the best looking and intuitive Operating System and again reading through some websites out there, those within Palm Community continue to all seem to be unwaveringly enthusiastic about the platforms future, especially with HP now at the helm.

WebOS version 2.0 is on its way and both HP and Palm employees have confirmed that the software will make its way into other hardware devices (future phones, PalmPad, other devices/form factors?), over the next 12 months – which begs the question – will 2011 really be a Palm WebOS year and allow them to gain a foothold in a number of markets to compete with the likes of Apple and Google.

I will admit that I had been swaying away from WebOS and thought that their time had just about been called prior to the HP take-over. I was already watching the progression of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 as my next choice, but my recent look at the passion that is still abound the Palm Community and the talking up of the platform by HP, has really pulled me back onside and made me proud to be a Palm Pre owner.

Perhaps after Windows Phone 7 has been released and the reviews confirm that belief that Microsoft have finally got it right, of course I’ll be willing to review my selections when my current contract expires, but for now, I’m more than happy to be on the side of the Palm Community.

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