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Carpets & Ovens

Posted on Tuesday, September 28, 2010 | No Comments

Yesterday I picked the keys to my new house – an exciting, yet also daunting, time for anyone going through the process of purchase and getting onto the property ladder for the first time. An experience made all the more daunting after entering the property for the very first time seeing the rooms naked and empty and seeing exactly how much work there is to be done.

What shocked me most wasn’t the little bits and pieces that need to be picked up and where money/time needs to be spent, but what stood out the most for me was just how dirty the place was and how people every live in these conditions.

Haven’t they ever heard of pushing a hoover around the place? I’m both looking forward and know I’m going to be absolutely aghast when I take to the flooring with my Dyson cleaner. Dyson, with their ‘no-loss of suction’ promise, makes even the cleanest of carpets appear dirty; God only knows what it will do to an actual dirty carpet and how much is lifted.

Putting the carpets aside, what amazed me even more was discovering the oven, which they’d left, wasn’t even working. How do these people live without the basics in their own kitchen? Don’t get me wrong, I’m no chef but I can’t understand how anyone could live without a working oven in their kitchen. But perhaps this is more an indication of how people actual live in this modern era of fast food and deliveries being made after a short phone call.

Both the carpets and the oven have added two extra expenses onto my list of things I need, as well as the sheer amount of cleaning kit I’m going to need to get the place into a live-able condition.

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