> Platform Integration in Microsoft Tablet

Platform Integration in Microsoft Tablet

Posted on Saturday, September 25, 2010 | No Comments

About a month ago I wrote about what I wanted from a Microsoft tablet – and my conclusion was that I wanted a device that would easily replace my laptop and would be well suited in both my personal IT life and my professional IT career.


I’d like to add a little bit more to that and its after reading an article by Microsoft aficionado; Mary-Jo Foley, who co-incidentally owns an Apple iPad.  Mary-Jo’s take on a Microsoft based tablet would be to have a device that seamlessly integrates between the existing Microsoft platforms such as Zune.


Personally, I’d want that too – a device that works with my pre-existing platforms; Microsoft Media Centre, my music library (Zune isn’t quite available in the UK yet), Microsoft Office,  my mobile phone, etc.  And there’s no reason why Microsoft couldn’t do this – how do I know this?  Its because Microsoft already do it – look no further than the Xbox 360.


For anyone who doesn’t know, I’ve recently bought an Xbox 360 after much deliberation on whether I wanted to get back into playing games again.  The deciding factor in my choice to purchase though was that the Xbox could already tap into my existing Windows Media Centre content meaning I don’t need to purchase another device to plug into my TV I have in my bedroom. 


But of course, there is more – the Xbox plays games, it connects to Windows Live Messenger, online market places that allows users to buy content related to their favourite games, Zune and video content, and probably a lot more as I continue to explorer around the Xbox Live menus.


If rumours are true, the new Windows Phone 7 will integrate with Xbox too, expanding the experience beyond the console device and offering new and unique ways to expand the entertainment and gaming experience.


Microsoft need their tablet to do exactly the same in my opinion.  Allow integration with their existing platforms but with the flexibility for users to tweak settings and platforms to their hearts content.  Don’t use Hotmail for email?  Simply choose Gmail instead, etc.  Don’t like Zune, iTunes is just an install away.


Obviously, Microsoft are going to push their content and platforms over others and any Microsoft based tablet would benefit from users selecting Microsoft platforms, as these would provide deeper integration into the Operating System. 


Will they do it?  I think they have to.

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