> Think Apple Own the Mobile Space? Think Again

Think Apple Own the Mobile Space? Think Again

Posted on Saturday, September 25, 2010 | No Comments

As I write this, both Apple and Google are the two main protagonists in the mobile phone market space and both are vying for majority share.  Microsoft, HP, Nokia and others have all been left in their wake, but is the mobile marketplace all sewn up?


Judging by the new concept mobile phone designs Mozilla have leaked onto the web, the answer is quite clearly not by a long shot!


The concept shows a full screen phone, which has a slightly bulky tear drop rear (which actually makes sense when you see what this concept does).  It has two mini projectors built into the phone, a bluetooth headset which also doubles up as a pointing and navigation device (possibly proving that the mouse is far from dead when it comes to touch screen), and wireless charging.


But its the two mini projectors that really make this phone stand out from the crowd – simply spin the phone 180 degrees and the phone suddenly becomes so much more than a phone, it almost becomes a direct replacement for your desktop PC!  And that’s where this device could really shine.  Imagine being able to combine your laptop, desktop PC, Television, phone and possibly even your work PC/laptop device into a single handheld unit.  Forget a ‘3 Screens Strategy’, a ‘1 screen/1 device’ strategy has clearly been born here in concept form and it breaks all of the rules we know to be true about phone design today.


Clearly the existence of any such device ever making reality is still a long way off yet and there are no doubt a series of problems that need to be overcome before this phone ever makes it into the hands of a customer.  Power being the major one that comes to my mind – undoubtedly, being able to produce a battery that would be able to sustain two projectors and all of the existing phone/OS processing for a period of time comparable to phones today is going to require a real break through, but there are already so many technologies out there in development that could really change this over the next few years. 



Are the mobile wars over?  Not yet in my opinion.  Your iPhone starting to look a bit dated yet with the glimpse of the future?  I’d say so!

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