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Everyone loves a Friday right? Well, I’m starting to move away from this theory – why I hear you ask? Friday is the day of the popular ‘#FF’ or ‘#FollowFriday’ hashtag on Twitter.

In the early days of Twitter – and I’ve been a user for quite some time now, before the service really hit its popularity stride – the “Follow Friday” meme used to really mean something, it was an opportunity to really endorse one of your followers to all of your other followers as someone who may be of interest to them as presumably your followers share at least one of the same interests as yourself.

It was a good way of connecting with people, especially if you were able to tweet a reasonable account of why such a person deserved to be followed. I think they call this “building communities”.

But now I dread Friday’s on Twitter, it’s the day my stream is filled by those that still insist on writing endless lists of usernames for people to follow, without any reason or indication why. I don’t know about you, but I’ve not clicked on someone’s username contained in one of these lists for a long, long time, never mind start to follow one of these users.

The “Friday Follow” is an outdated mechanism these days and there are other, better ways to locate those users that would be most interesting to you. Perhaps I’m just being grumpy (wouldn’t be the first time), but this is something that is really starting to get on my nerves, especially as it’s almost a childish game that belongs somewhere else other than Twitter. I remember when Twitter was cool and the only people on it where the techies who ‘got it’, inevitably as more and more ‘mainstream public’ users signed up, the service started to move away from that demographic – for the better I might add, but the “Friday Follow” is now out dated and I think its time to move on.

If I had a more public platform with a large amount of influential readers, I’d be ready to start a campaign, right there on Twitter to start to shun this antiquated practice – unfortunately I don’t have such a platform yet and thus here is where my campaign will end.

In the meantime, I’m now considering taking a leaf from Paul Carr’s recent trend (of quitting the social networking sites in favour of blogging), but only on a Friday. Avoid Twitter on a Friday once the #FF’s are out of the way for the day. #FFS

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