> Great Scot!! This is heavy....

Great Scot!! This is heavy....

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No, you haven’t been travelling through time back to 1985, but it certainly may feel like it as this week sees the re-release and return of the popular time travelling film “Back To The Future” back to the silver screen. I can’t be more excited to get the opportunity to visit the cinema to re-live this epic film in all its glory on the big screen.

The purpose of the re-release is that the film has reached its 25th Anniversary, but the films re-release is much more important than that in my mind; it’s a return to the silver screen for the great Michael J. Fox.

I’ve wrote before how much I admire Fox for this work and campaigning on behalf of his Foundation; having read both of his books, I developed a huge respect for the work and struggles that he went through as he transitioned from Hollywood Superstar to campaigner, to setting up and running his own Foundation.

I can only imagine how proud and thrilled he will be to have one of his movies returning to the cinema. Don’t get me wrong, the film is immensely popular already and is one of the highest purchased DVD box sets to date – I must have watched the trilogy about a million times.

I can only hope that they re-release the next two films to the cinema, but for now the first film is more than sufficient to rekindle my interest in the film and experience a classic at the cinema.

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