> My Wradio: This Time Its Promotional (But I’m Campaigning For More!)

My Wradio: This Time Its Promotional (But I’m Campaigning For More!)

Posted on Sunday, October 10, 2010 | No Comments

Way back in June, I wrote a blog post pleading for someone – anyone – to get Russell Brand back where he belonged on the radio – and with the released of his new book; “My Booky Wook 2: This Time Its Personal”, TalkSport radio has snapped him up to do 20 shows as he tours the country.


But even more fantastic, unlike the previous occasion when Brand was asked to host a one-off show with Noel Gallagher, this time the old gang has been reunited back together and Matt Morgan and Mr Gee have been dragged back into the radio spotlight. What could be better?

I’ll tell you, producing the show is former Radio 2 legend (who brought Chris Evans, Jonathan Ross, Brand himself and the talent on BBC 6 Music onto the airwaves over the years), and the woman who fell on her sword over the ‘Sachsgate’ scandal, Lesley Douglas.

Its a happy reunion and one that I hope is extended beyond the 20 week book signing stint. Brand belongs on radio and his fans want that show back on the airwaves, rumours of the Brand being snapped up by US Radio Stations isn’t what his British public and fans want, its the gang back together on UK airwaves, long term is what we want.

Its early days, I’m loving what we’ve been given, but hopeful that someone steps up and makes him and Matt and Mr Gee an offer that they can’t refuse – you never know, maybe even Mr Gallagher will be persuaded to re-emerge onto the airwaves with the rest of the gang.

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