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What’s Next?

Saturday, November 27, 2010 0

So, I’m snowed in today and I’ve been up since early and all I’ve done is watched DVD’s of “The West Wing”.  Whilst I have absolutely no shame in that what so ever (I’ll proudly proclaim that I love “The West Wing” to all), I am feeling slightly restricted today.


The reason why?  I want to go out in the snow, armed with my camera and walk around the area I’ve lived in for around two months now – and of which I haven’t looked around and explored yet.


But alas I don’t think I can go outside today, for the very simple reason that my waterproof, warm, winter boots are over 30 miles away, leaving me with a pair of summer trainers, my work shoes and a pair of slippers; none of which are suited for the deep snow outside my front door.


“The West Wing” it is then.  I’ve just started season two and my pangs for wanting to work in a place where everyone is smart and everyone has a plan and a staff.


What’s on my mind then?  I’m sat here thinking about how I can improve process at work and how much change I can influence and how I achieve these things – and every time I think I have a strategy, I realise that I don’t work at the “West Wing” and can implement change as quickly as those characters depicted on my TV.


The only thing I think I can get away with right now is updating our company desktop wallpaper – but I’m not sure how I could possibly even justify such a project right now with everything else that’s sat on my desk.


What’s the point of this post?  Guess its just to highlight how inefficient my time is being spent and just how far my mind will wander and pine for better things when I watch “The West Wing”. 


What’s next?

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