> Top 5 Movies: 2010

Top 5 Movies: 2010

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Every year it seems, my good friend Dave asks me to name my Top 5 Films of the year and every year I struggle to name them as I try to recall what I’ve seen throughout the year.  Often times I seem to remember films from the year before rather than the year in which I should be selecting from.


This year, I’ve done my homework and I’ve selected carefully my choices for 2010 and I’ve decided for the first year running to name them here on my blog (well, it is the time of the year for top 5 lists).


I don’t want to write too much about them, and I certainly don’t want to spoil them for anyone who hasn’t seen them, so what is included here is a very quick analysis without spoilers (hopefully).


There were many great films this year that could have easily made my list, but for one reason or another never quite made it to the ‘Top 5’.  Films such as “Toy Story 3”, which I missed at the cinema, “Iron Man 2”, “Kick Ass”, “Due Date”, and a few more.  There are also a number of films that left me deeply disappointed in what I was watching up there on the silver screen; “Salt” and “Skyline” instantly coming to mind. 


But this isn’t about bad films, this is about my “Top 5”, so without further ado, here’s my list….


Number 5: The Blind Side


My expectations were completely lowered before I walked into the cinema to see this film, I’d only heard that Sandra Bullock had put in a stunning performance and was being touted for awards but I wasn’t really buying into that – after all, just how good could another ‘sports movie’, especially one based around American Football, be?


What was delivered was an emotional rollercoaster of a film.  A collection of highs and lows, funny moments and touching storyline.  Bullock played it brilliantly and an amazing movie was delivered.


Number 4: Love And Other Drugs


A late addition to my list, as I only saw it yesterday.  I knew nothing about this movie but I was assured by Mr G that it was one to watch – and I was happy to go along for the ride.


What an amazing film!  Anne Hathaway gets her kit off more times than I could count, but that’s not what this movie is about at all – there is so much more in there, with many, many messages and moral questions. 


This movie could easily have been much closer to my number 1 movie of the year but for the release date – it certainly was a late contender, but this should certainly not go against this film.


Number 3: Get Him To The Greek


“The Hangover” of 2010 – and Russell Brand’s first lead movie role.  I blogged about this film it shortly after seeing it (Link).  Brand played himself perfectly – much as we expected from such an already colourful character as Rusty Rockets, but I did wonder where his next role would come from?


That’s a different question to be answered on a different day though – “Get Him To The Greek” provided a comic relief from start to finish.  I for one enjoyed it.


Number 2: The Social Network


We all knew that the rise of the geeks was coming; and that rise has finally transferred to film.  It may not have been 100% correct throughout and as Sarah Lacy so classically pointed out, ‘not all girls in Silicon Valley lounge around in their red Sanford panties all day’ – but look beyond that and the movie as a whole told an interesting story of battle of control of what could be the Internet’s hottest property right now.


It was great to see some – albeit fictional – life breathed into the characters and people I read about daily on the TechCrunch blog and the players within the industry.  I hope to see more movies based around the rise of the geeks; I’m sure Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and others have remarkable stories to tell that would transfer just as brilliantly to film given a talented writer such as Sorkin.


Number 1: Inception


The hype around this film at the time of release was like nothing I’d ever seen before – especially on Twitter.  With hype however usually comes disappointment closely behind – that and the added rumour of complexity within the film, I entered the cinema ready to focus and to be ultimately disappointed.


Gladly, neither of these things happened; the complexity wasn’t nearly as great as was made out (perhaps because “The Matrix” had already done so much work before this film to prepare the viewer for dealing with alternative realities within realities), and the expectation of disappointment resulted in me enjoying this film far more than I probably would have otherwise.


I absolutely adored the ending and selection of such a solid, unbreakable, analogue, simple spinning top used as the ‘constant’, symbolising so much within this film. 


When I left the cinema after seeing this movie, I returned to my car and sat there for around 10 to 15 minutes thinking more about it as the world passed by my windscreen.  I don’t know what grabbed me so much in this movie, but I just had to make it my number 1 of 2010.





Discussing my list with Mr G, there was one movie that I was hoping to include in my ‘Top 5’, but was told I wasn’t allowed to because it wasn’t actually a true 2010 film. 


Yet, this film is a childhood favourite, a cult classic and in my opinion deserving to be in ‘Top Movie’ lists everywhere; but alas not in a 2010 top 5 – that film; “Back To The Future”.


Re-released to mark the 25th Anniversary of its release, it was an absolute treat to watch it on the big screen as it was intended to be.  I knew every line, I knew every twist of the story, yet somehow up on the big screen it seemed to be still as fresh and exciting and watchable as ever. 


I’m hoping for more cinematic delights in 2011 and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

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