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The big, exciting news last week was that popular bookstore and epic retailer Amazon has acquired the remainder of European movie-rental company LOVEFiLM. This news excites me for two reasons, the first is that I was already considering taking out a subscription with LOVEFiLM and secondly, I’m hoping that this acquisition propels them more towards an online streaming company rather than postal service; ala its US cousin, NetFlix

Streaming media is one of my big things in technology for 2011, so I’m hoping that this type of service is improved and made available in Europe and the UK to bring us on par with those services offered in the US.

I’ve used LOVEFiLM’s DVD postal service a few times in the past and I’ve always been impressed by how quickly they are able to get discs out to me and I’ve always enjoyed the films of course, but for me it was always a bit of a hassle (no, lets say minor inconvenience), to have to find a post box to send my discs back – and I always worried by what would happen if the disc went missing either on route to my house or en route back to them.

Being able to select and stream movies from the comfort of my living room, for me, is a very attractive proposition and it obviously is for Amazon too, especially if they are able to tap into their vast movie library.

Additionally, I’m hoping Amazon follow in NetFlix’s recent footsteps and start to offer a ‘streaming only’ subscription for those who don’t want to rent actual DVDs. I can’t see any reason why they can’t do this and surely it would be popular and make sense given the potential savings on postage such a membership would create.

Also hoping, but less ambitiously so, Amazon and Microsoft can bundle together a deal similar again to NetFlix where by movies can be searched and played via subscription directly onto the Xbox 360 with added support for Kinect.

I’m already reviewing my budget to see if I can source the funds to subscribe, but if the Microsoft deal is made possible, I know I would be searching my budget again for Kinect funds for sure too.

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