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Posted on Sunday, February 6, 2011 | No Comments

Stumbled across a website today called “FindTheBest.com” which is in beta mode at this time, but I believe has huge potential as a concept and I thought it was definitely worth a mention on a blog post.

The site basically aggregates and ranks products or items against each other and shows you the best of the best based on your search criteria.

For example, which are the best smart phones;
http://smartphones.findthebest.com/ within this ‘application’, you can see which smart phones are currently considered the best in the market, but then using the sliders down the left hand side of the page, you can drill down to specifics, such as price, region, network provider, etc. The main page then updates according to the selections you’ve made and filters out the results.

This is very similar to Microsoft Bing’s Visual Search feature (which is also in Beta), and I’m sure there are others who do similar things in this space. What I like about FindTheBest.com is that they refer to each of their search as an ‘apps’ and they cover a broad range of subjects. They also show a summary at the very bottom of the page which helps the user to understand exactly what the ‘app’ does and where the data is pulled from.

Whilst I love Bing’s Visual Search, the added information on ranking products is a huge bonus and something I like very much, especially as I often like to compare products closely and read up on reviews before I buy. This visual comparison approach is extremely attractive for doing exactly this.

I especially like this app -

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