> Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: MyForeverMe's Progress

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: MyForeverMe's Progress

Posted on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 | No Comments

That’s it! I’m changing my name to Sean Parker.

I recently wrote about a new web start up one of my colleagues has recently launched called ‘MyForeverMe’, which allows you to time-delay and schedule Facebook, Twitter statuses and emails. Despite my reservations about the service, from what I understand, it’s getting quite a few page hits on a daily basis.

Whilst I’m not really privy to these visitor statistics, page views are obviously a good thing and it’s only a matter of time and patience before the site grows bit by bit until a decent returning user base is established. But what has amazed me even more is from my original blog post, I’ve inadvertently caused a change to the site; MyForeverMe are now offering FREE Facebook and Twitter updates.

Right now this change is only temporary, but it’s a great way to get people to sign up and use the service as intended. Don’t get me wrong the question of how to monetise the site still remains up in the air if this change is extended, but in my mind that is an issue that can be addressed with a far more creative and perhaps unique approach (I have my own ideas here, but I’m keeping these firmly to myself – sorry guys!).

With free updates, I believe MyForeverMe has far more potential, especially if the site can establish itself as thee application for scheduled updates.


I have to admit, between my last post and this one, I’ve been playing around to see if I can create a simple way to replicate a method of posting Twitter updates at scheduled times without using the MyForeverMe website.

Now (without sounding too big headed), I’m a technical person but I don’t write a lot of code; certainly not in a language that allows me to create web applications to the high standard of a MyForeverMe, but I can write a decent enough script when the occasion calls for it. My chosen language of late has been Microsoft PowerShell so I did a quick search on the web and within 5 minutes had found a function to post Twitter updates.

Using a scheduling function I’d previously written, I was able to combine the two and create my very own script based MyForeverMe Twitter updater within a very short space of time – 20 minutes to be exact.

Now, I’ll freely admit that this solution isn’t nicely packaged into an easy to use website or something that your average user is going to be able to replicate or achieve without investing far more time than I did, but it does highlight just how easy the MyForeverMe service is to copy and replicate, which is why the site needs to sign up users quickly and carve itself out as a niche product that others cannot necessarily replicate.

Having said all of that, building a service (especially a new service based on a new idea, like MyForeverMe), takes time and fine tuning it to meet the expectations of all existing users, whilst simultaneously attracting new ones as quickly as possible no easy feat.

…but at this time, I’m already searching the web for information on how to legally change my name to Sean Parker and shortly I’ll be launching my own, new Web Service Consulting Firm. Proposals on an email to the usual address in the meantime and cheques in the post please.
As I wrote in my last post, its far easier to criticises and nit pick at ideas than to actually have the idea and execute it yourself; I'd like to point out again that I would really like to see MyForeverMe succeed in the future as I really do believe that it has huge potential and looks wickedly awesome.

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