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The Cloud is Growing

Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2011 | No Comments

Microsoft is everywhere – even in places when you wouldn’t necessarily think it would or should be; but as one of the worlds biggest software manufacturers, perhaps that’s not so much of a surprise.


I recently saw a statistic that absolutely amazed me:

20 million businesses and over 1 billion people are using Microsoft Cloud Services

The reason that amazes me so much is that it just goes to show how quickly cloud based technologies are taking off and becoming the norm in our every day digital lives.


Think about that for a moment; 20 million businesses using a cloud based service provided by Microsoft.  Unfortunately I haven’t got any statistics on the breakdown of what those 20 million are using exactly from Microsoft – it may be that there is a clear split between companies who only take up Microsoft online email platforms over those who use Office365 or Windows Azure for example.


Whilst I’m absolutely fascinated by the web and the Internet, yet was never a huge fan of virtualisation (perhaps because I’m an IT systems person who likes the physical hardware), I’m perhaps surprisingly remarkably interested in how things are moving to the cloud and all of the new elements that come with it (security being the most obvious of those elements).


These statistics clearly demonstrate that the world of IT is changing – will I like it when we finally arrive at that ‘new world’, it’s too early to say – at least from where I’m sitting, especially if everything moves to the cloud and onto “someone else’s data centre'”.

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