> Internet as a Medium?

Internet as a Medium?

Posted on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 | No Comments

A couple of years ago I gave up on music CDs after having ripped them all onto my – then – iPod. A CD box just takes up far too much room compared to the ‘space-free’ MP3 that floats around on my network storage and on my - now - Sony MP3 Player.

The rise of MP3 stores also paved the way nicely towards a world of CDs disappearing from view; Amazon’s MP3 store being my favourite as I’m definitely not an iTunes user following Apple’s attempts to bundle all sorts of software in with the installer (not a practice I like from any one, toolbar makers included).

It was only a matter of time I guess that my attentions were finally diverted to my DVD movies. The process takes a little bit longer and has required some planning around increasing my network storage, but it’s all certainly very achievable; I’ve purchased a LaCie Network Space 2, 2TB disk which is probably more than twice the storage I will ever need.

Once I’m done with my movies and have managed to banish my discs to the back of some cupboard or even to the loft, I’ve not doubt that my attention will then turn again to my book shelf and an Amazon Kindle the likely hardware solution for this. But back to movies for a moment…

At the start of this year I made a statement that this year would be ‘the’ year for streaming media content to really make its mark on the web and that it would take off in a big way, especially as new form factors – like tablets – continued to become more mainstream and widely accepted. And then I read this article by Paul Carr.

He basically says that the Internet as a medium is effectively dead already and that its not sustainable as most people are probably more than willing to pay for content if its correctly priced rather than opt for illegal torrent files and/or advertisement heavy or interrupted content as most web media tends to be. All valid points, but I have my own views on some of the costs involved in streaming content.

In my mind, there needs to be a middle ground; the new age Internet media companies need to be better or discover a new pricing models that does allow the Internet to be a sustainable medium whilst being funded accordingly. I agree that most adults with a disposable or allocated income for such things, would be more than willing to pay for content, but some sort of ownership needs to be granted to the person owning the content, even if that is ‘virtual’.

The MP3 is that ‘virtual’ content that is downloaded and owned. I like owning that file on my network as it insures that the file is mine forever, moving forwards perhaps I don’t need to download that MP3 or movie onto my network and instead I simply own a ‘forwarding file’ or ‘license’ that allows me access to the content I’ve purchased that can be held in the cloud forever until such a time or occasion I do wish to download it for offline consumption.

In the meantime though, until such a time that this paradigm change happens, I’m going to happily continue to buy DVD movies, rip them and then store them in a box at the back of my cupboard, safe in the knowledge that no matter what, ownership is mine forever.

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