> A Deadly Revelation

A Deadly Revelation

Posted on Saturday, March 5, 2011 | No Comments

Before I started writing this blog, I previously wrote another blog called “Deadly Revelations”; the contents aren’t too dissimilar to what I post on this blog and I can’t remember why I stopped blogging there and started blogging here instead.


I think it was something do with wanting to write anonymously on Deadly and wanting to write as myself under my own .com banner.  I thought at the time that that would be how it always would be – however as soon as my ownership of DeadlyReveleations.com lapsed, I let it go…..


Perhaps it was never meant to end like that, my very last post on that blog was promise, which I broke, stating my intentions to continue to blog on Deadly.  But happened it did.


I’ve still got all of the content from that blog site – which lasted for 130 posts on a variety of subjects and reading back over some of the content, it brings back some good memories.


A thought crossed my mind that perhaps I should start re-releasing some of that content under my CraigButters.com banner and I’m genuinely going to think more about doing that. 


This blog post however, is to commemorate and finally lay to rest – DeadlyRevelations.com.

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